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Sparkmed Surgical Instruments

SparkMed manufactures and market Highest Standard & Quality Surgical Instruments for all Specialties like General Surgery, Gynecology, Surgical Gastro / Oncology, Orthopedic / Spine, Neuro Surgery, Urology, and Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery
General Instruments

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Our Products Portfolio

Largest Range of Surgical Instruments


Retractors are used to hold an incision or a wound open, to hold an organ or tissue out of the way to expose what's underneath. We specialized in supplying special retrcators like Liver Transplant retractors, omni type retractors, Open transplant Retractors etc apart from standard retractors

Surgical Scissors

Scissors are cutting instrument with two blades joined together at a pivot point so that the sharp edges glide against each other to shear material that is between the blades.We supply all kind surgical scissors like Fine or Curve Tipped scissors, Metzenbaum, Mayo and SuperCut scissors. Material options includes SS and Tungsten Carbide


We supply all type of Surgical forceps whihc includes ring forceps (also called hemostats, hemostatic forceps and locking forceps) or thumb forceps (frequently called tweezers or pinning forceps). We also supply Ceramic tipped forceps are non-porous, corrosion and heat resistant and insulated.


A scalpel is a small and extremely sharp bladed instrument used for surgery, anatomical dissection and podiatry. We supply all kind of surgical scalpels and blades + B.P.Handles for all kind of blades.


We offers a wide range of high-quality vascular clamps and many clamps for various areas. Our product range includes Tissue Clamps, Artery Clamps, Bone Holding Clamps, Abdominal Aorta Clamps, Bulldog Clamps etc

Bone Instruments

We supply finest rongeurs and bone cutters in our product range. We supply instruments like Liston Bone Cutter, Bohler Bone Cutter, Ruskin Liston Bone Cutter, Tudor Edwards, Hohmann Bone Lever, Bone Impector etc.,

Needle Holders

SparkMed supplies Needle holders where suturing requires a reliable and durable instruments. Our products are recognized by their delicate and soft design, which helps the surgeon to hold the needle very securely. Options includes Tungsten Carbide or Diamond coated, Scissors Cum Needle Holders.


The cannula is to give you medication or fluids that you are unable to take by mouth or that need to enter your blood stream directly. Our supply includes Brain Cannula, Suprapubic Trocar & Cannula, Sinus Trocar & Cannula, Trocar Cannula, Rubinson Cannula etc.,

Other Instruments

WE supply all kind surgical instruments. Apart from standard instruments, we also supply Curette, Dilators, Spreaders and Contractors, Raspatory instruments etc., Please cheeck our product list to review our complete range.

Sparkmed Product Portfolio

The Largest range of Surgical Instruments in the market. Check our comprehensivee list here to see complete range.


Our Product Quality

We continue to control our own instrument specifications. We still focus on hand crafted instrumentation that meets surgeon’s requirements

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