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We sparkmed Air Engineering division specialized in Design, Engineering, Production Air Engineering products like Humidification systems and Waste Management Systems for Textile Mills in India. All kind of ICU Equipments and Operation Theater equipments are soruced from well established and quality proven sources from USA and Western Europe. Besides air engineering projects, we can support you with spare parts and replacements of existing systems of any make. We maintain healthy inventory of stocks of various equipments and parts to meet your ontime delievery requirements.

EPC Projects

We handle complete EPC scope for Air Engineering projects including Automation & Controls.

Replacements & Spares

We support all kind of spares and replacement equipments of your existing air engineeering systems of any make.

Service Support

We provide 24X7 service and spare parts support for our supplied equipments through our dedicated service team.

What is Air Humidification Control in Textile Units?

Air humidification

Air Humidity is very important as humidity will affect industries like a textile mill in all levels, whether it is manufacturing, Quality of End Product, Storage or even manpower working in the facility.

Air humidity can be measured on a scale of 0 to 100%. If the humidity is not right for the certain material, you could be facing broken machinery, stopped production, hurt staff and reduce profits.On the other hand, if you get the humidity right, you will have the perfect product, therefore, higher profits.

Why Air Humidity is Important in Textile Industries? For example, Cotton is a very brittle material and the steps are started by making very thin threads of cotton. If the humidity level is below the recommended amount, the threads will break and become very weak. On the other hand If the humidity is too high the threads will clump, resulting in unusual threads and this will happen right from the start. Drops in humidity will also lead to drops in the weight of a textile product. This influences a company because the textile yarns are sold in terms of weight and less weight means more textile will have to be produced and added to the yarn, creating fewer profits. The Air Humidity also directly related to Yarn Quality and Performance. When the moisture is lost to the surrounding air, the quality and performance of the yarn will decrease. Our Advantages:

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduce Product Downtime
  • Increase Product Quality
  • Prevents electrostatic discharge
  • Provides comfortable Working Space
  • Decrease Production Cost
Our Portfolio

Sparkmed Air Engineering Division Offerings

We supply complete range of material requirements for Air Humidification and Waste Management system used in Textile mills. Apart from our own manufacturing products, we also source and supply any OEM parts/Items for your existing systems.

Air Washing Systems

Sparkmed Air washing systems designed as per latest technology and standards to use spray water as medium for adiabatic cooling of air in humidification systems by direct evaporation of water into the air stream thereby reducing the air’s dry bulb temperature and raising its humidity. Non Clogging Nozzle Design with Eliminators and Louver Dampers for enhanced life and reliability. Custom built for any special requirements to suit existing civil structures.


Sparkmed offers Damper Controls in a diverse range of models. We offer both rectangle and round configurations designed specifically for Air Humidification, Sturdy Construction, low-leakage and heavy duty industrial needs. Our designs are Ideal for outdoor air applications that require low-leakage rated dampers and prevent hot or cold outside air from penetrating inside building. Various Types based like Manual or Pneumatic or Electronic actuated .


We offer various types of Fans suck Radial, Axial or Centrifugal type fans for Air engineering applications. . Types: Axial Fans: To generate Low-pressure large volume air at low cost . Radial Flow Fans : Return & Supply fans with 6-12 Blades, Air volume up to 130,000 m3/hr and Air pressure up to 700Pa. Centrifugal Fans: High Efficiency centrifugal fans suitable for the conveyance of dust laden air. Air Volume handled up to 7000 m3/hr and Air Pressure up to 10000 Pa..


Rotary Air Filters: Used in Air Washer and 1st stage of waste management system. Automatic and Self Cleaning design. Economical and cost saving compared to paper or rotary drum filters. Static Disc Filters: Various configuration available based on requirements. 20 micron to 0.3 micron filtration possible with various filter media. Drum Air Filters: Available in the form of durn with perforated segments made up of steel sheets and fitter with various filtration media depends upon dust and waste type..

Seperators & Compactors

Fiber compactor is a combined separator and compactor. It continuously separates, compacts and removes fibers and coarse particles without generating dust. Solids are extracted directly from the production process, separated from the airstream and collected in bags, containers or Silos. Cyclone Separators use vortex separation method of removing particulates from air without the use of filters. Volume: 500 m3/hr- 1,50,000 m3/hr. Pressure : 30 mm WGP- 500 mm WGP..

Dust Collectors

Our Dust collecting system are highly effective in filtering fine dust generating during various production process. Designed for Optimum power consumption backed by Variable frequency drive (AC Drive) and PLC programmed Control Panel makes its operation hassle free and user friendly. Modular design and can attain a filtration efficiency of 99.99% down upto 1 micron depending upon input dust load..

Sensors & Transmitters

Sparkmed offers following types of electronic transmitters besides sourcing of transmitters from various reputed manufacturers globally as per your needs
Humidity + Temperature Transmitters: To measure both relative Humidity and temperature
Temperature Transmitters: Coupled with RTD or Thermistors or Theromocouple with clear LCD display.
DP and Pressure Transmitters: Allows precise assessment of filter performance.


Sparkmed offers automation control of Air Humidification or Waste management systems. Our An All-in-One PLC integrates the controller with the HMI panel, creating a compact, easy-to-use automation solution. Users no longer need to establish PLC to panel communications and can program both the Ladder Logic and HMI design in a single software environment. An all-in-one approach saves time, reduces wiring, and cuts the cost of purchasing multiple devices.

SMACS Remote Monitoring

SMACS range of IOT controller utilize Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT), and Industry 4.0 programmable controllers are called upon to communicate data via Web browser, connect to databases via SQL, and even to the cloud data. Through our SMAC smart phone app, customers can monitor real time humidification and temperature data of the textile mills. Please refer Automation page here

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